Agrikultura Kulturföreningen

The design enhance the existing pond to a healthy wetland, implementing natural filtering treatment , which will improve the water quality and filtrate the runoff water from the highway limiting the presence of non-native or invasive plant species.

A geometric pattern not only to create home for the amphibious but also the underlined water performance during low levels highlights the excavation process and maybe become almost a sculpting work, perhaps establishing a relationship with the performance of agriculture craftsmanship.

The height is fundamental, not only on the choice of the plants that must follow a bold selection to achieve the visual and movements of the design but it is an invitation for a scale play. By the reposition the exciting rocks and maybe adding more, in a symmetrical form the out coming will be a horizontal “organic billboard” for the park air-viewers.

Wildness in future, the concept of this project, integrate a very meticulous and slightly futuristic design embracing the idea that this might not last so long and yet the short life of those lines and details appearance its the important event performance.

Development includes: RIVERINE constructed with precise shapes to create ageometric landscape that will also help to control the water circulation along the area. ELEVATIONS incorporating the existing hills will insure the choreography of low and high tides not only with a amusing effect but also interesting dynamic for the visitor. STONES & ROCKS Make sure they are placed andreallocated in symmetric position in order to reduce water velocity, Distribute flows across a channel, Scour protection at outfalls, Drain protection, Increase infiltration and trap sediment. FILTRATION ROOTS carefully selected and positioned in order to keep the water healthy.